Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bathroom talk.

There's one thing i've always wanted to say to a good looking stranger... "Wasting water's a sin... shower with me !"
siiiiiiiigh .....kab aayega woh din ? ;)

At every point in their lives, people have to judge stuff.... and its not always a bad thing .
I mean of course we need to judge..... is this shoe worth it? Should I have rum with Vodka? will I be able to get home after that? Is the one in black hot or the blue one ? Should I actually put this on the blog? will I need to kill her now? ( ermmmm :P)

So anyhow, I have one major criteria of judging a house or a room...yea now that i've house hunted in both Chennai and Hyderabad, I have an opinion on this.... the one thing that makes a house stand out amidst the cramped up ocean of others is............
............. a good bathroom !

Yes. washroom/restroom/gusalkhana ( :P )....whatever you want to call it... its something which I cannot compromise on.... not to sound like a snob or anything, but isn't it an amazing feeling when you walk into a spacious,clean,fragrant washroom ? sounds pretty trivial, i know, but it does feel great...or maybe u've just never lived in a hostel ;)

The thing is, when we were deciding on our accomodation in hyderabad , the first thing that influenced my choice was this flat's bathroom.... I mean its HUGE.
Seriously...like more than half the size of the bedroom.... and that's not exactly small either.
Plus, it has a shower that ACTUALLY works ...which isn't a high probablitity when searching for rented places....
Its got pure white tiles...which makes it look even cleaner (and more difficult to maintain)....

All in all, I'm happy with my place here ....although I don't spend all day in there, I still love the ...bathing area.... :D

thought i'd make this a short post...as it is i'm ignoring doing what i'm paid for and instead doing what I love....writing! ...
but I guess everyone does that at times...or probly needs to do so !
and people walking past me are giving me wierd smiles or tut-tut expressions...

PS: Pseudo-exciting,though apt blog post title, isnt it?


chocolate lover said...

hehehe lol..
well our thoughts match on the bathroom talk ;p
the bathroom must be clean, big and nice..no matter how the house look from inside or outside..

Madhu said...

lol...*same pinch* to that..i love huge bathrooms too...nd i have one t my place...big bathroom,with a bath tub,hand shower,a mirror..[ok dont tke the other meaning of it!]..But bathroom sure forms a major part of a house..and i adore em!

sulagna chatterjee said...

Mohit gusalkhan???? hehehehe loved it :)

and hey sharing a bath together is a novel concept..i shall preach your words my friend..you have an option of saying to a range of "strangers" i have to limit it to one..unfair unfair !!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Very realistic point you mentioned abt judgments and it was equally funny at at times.

I visited ur blog b4 also Cuz i remember ur profile pic some how :P noticed it in many comment section.


Mind Writer! said...

He he... what an interesting topic to write on!

Never lived in a hostel, although I can imagine what would be the condition of a common bathroom!

About the white tiled bathrooms-totally agreed. Of course it looks bigger and cleaner, and very difficult to maintain, even a small spot can be seen clearly!

shashank said...

nice one dude :)
bathroom is indeed a space where you seldom are disturbed..
have time apenty for oneself and the one you shower with :)
keep posting

mohit said...

@ chocolate lover
we're birds of a feather, remember the dumbness percentage? ;)

bathtub n all eh? :P
ahem ahem...

glad i introduced u to the concept of bath sharing...after all, its very important to save water, right? :D

n think of it this way... a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.

@ mahesh
nice of u to visit...do come again ;)

interesting? ...do i smell sarcasm? :P

happy u liked it :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

rohit kidhar hai??? so many days sey new blog nahi dekha..

i even left you an award on my blog ki you start writing something...
looking forward to more novel concepts:)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

will def visit if u happen to leave a notorious comment at madhu's blog :P

oRange* said...

i so agree with u!
i feel bathrooms are the cosiest place in the whole house! i wish i could decorate mine ..*sigh*