Sunday, July 19, 2009

morning-after rambling

I just realised that the mornings AFTER booze night (what morning-after were YOU thinking of ?? ) are always the same. Right now i'm at a friend's place...woke up late... talked about the previous night and (laughed at it ) .... feel like lazing around for a couple of more hours..... went to buy bread and eggs in my night wear...unshaven, unbathed,uncombed :P

But I really love it.....after the monotony and the routine of the week, Its fun to do sumthing ....sumthing that'll break the cycle...its not booze every week, but that's the fun of it na?
Actually I'm always in a good mood on fridays...cuz the weekend's coming up !! no more getting up early, hitting the gym, rushing back to get dressed, having breakfast at lightning fast speed, the loong drive to work, the same cubicle, the same people, getting back ,not much time for anything,dinner,a bit of this n that on the net, cellphone,sleep...... you get the picture, dont you?

and that's the beauty of weekends..... no time constraints, no routine, no sleep-you-need-to-wake up-early ...

btw, they were showing a tribute to MJ on VH1 last night...LOVED it.


Gayathri said...

"(what morning-after were YOU thinking of ?? )"
I didn't think of anything..but what was it that you thought we would be thinking of?? ahem ahem ;)

Esther said...

yeah, weekends are always a bliss for me. But at the moment, I'm unemployed for some oh-so reasons called STUDIES! Everyday is a weekend for me. I know you're jealous! =D

Okay short one and sweet! =)

mohit said...

@ gayathri
hehe (halo-over-head)

@ esther
make gooduse of the extended weekend !
n thanks!