Monday, July 20, 2009

going back in time ...well, kinda

'Memory low, delete some data '
How many of you have seen this written on your phone screens? I did, today...and its SO bugging !
the worst part is that its not the memory card that's running low on memory...its the phone itself.... so all I could do is delete my mssgs :(
I can almost bet that everyone has a mssg collection saved up in their inboxes.... right from those sent by your significant other (butterflies in the stomach ?!) to the non-veggies (yup, thts what sexually inclined mssgs are called here, no?) frm ur the tp mssgs like "wts up?" or "oye MTV laga, right now !" to "Will be there in 5 minutes" ....

So, after coming back home, I started to backtrack on my msgs..... It was soo amazing , reading those really old ones made me almost re-live those moments...... ppl wishing me on my prev b'day, ppl wishing me for the CAT (bitter memories :P) ...rly old with sumone on the next day's catching up... even one series of mssgs where I had apparantly passed by a friend, looking at her, and walking away (hey, that was an honest mistake, I didnt see her !)
wow..... these times when we look back at what we've been doing all along kinda make me lie back, do nothing and just reminisce....its like going back in time , no? (siigh)
and somehow I always end up thinking of what I could have done, instead of what I actually did !
wouldn't it have been so much easier if we cud just go back and re-do (0r un-do, in some cases) what has happened?

Oh, I never mentioned, did I ? I've gone green ! yup, I now (proudly) travel in a carpool to work. office is like an hour's drive frm my place..... so there's just soo many advantages of the pool... and I'm gonna list 'em (stop rolling your eyes !)

1) Lesser no. of cars on the road.... so lesser pollution, and lesser TRAFFIC.
2) I don't have to drive on that crowded road everyday.... when its not my turn to drive, I just sit back, read the paper or listen to the radio blaring its heart out ....or just instruct the person who's driving to "take the left lane"...."go slow, pothole ahead"....hahaha, no! I rly don't do that fact, I hate backseat drivers (no offence, but mom, u gotta stop it !)
3) Since there are other ppl travelling with me, I cn atleast talk about sumthing and not sit mum, listening to the music, imagining the videos or checking out the chick in the side waali car ;)
4) ITS CHEAPER.... woohoo!

gonna let go on tht note....ciao!


Anonymous said...

Phone memory almost full.....I know that one so well...And you are soo right about the nostalgia the old sms's bring forth...& also about all the old sms's (hee hee) you forgot diwali, christmas and goodmorning and good night ones...:) pool....Don't you have fights over who wants to listen tp what music??? I hate car pools! :|

madzie said...

Well ur car pool post was quite a thingy! Well i hate rear seat drivers my case its my dad and sister..I do enjoy drivin..and even love relaxin behind..especially after a tirin day...Well listenin to radio is the best thing to do...and if u have nuthin to do! U can atleast have a slumber party[catch up on the lost sleep] :P

shayla said...

u know when is the "phone memory full" message the most bugging-- when ur about to capture an amazing moment on ur camera and the cellphone simply refuses to cooperate. trust me, u feel like banging the darn thing against the wall!.
And i agree that the old, saved messages have such an amazing power to take us back in time with them.
i too am a hoarder, i store all those senti smses and re-(re-re) read them just to feel the same emotions again.

Im proud of u maite!, for car pooling...
my mom is the worst case of a backseat driver. she pesters me to pres break when she locates a speed breaker about 1km away....arrghh!!

mohit said...

Coincidentally, all the people I travel with have a decent taste in music (which essentially refers to the non-himesh, non-boyband kind) !
Go green, remember? ;)

@ madzie
hahaha...yea absoultely...catching up on sleep is one of the things that goes without saying, when ure not driving :D

@ shayla

i go thru the same mom actually grips the side of the seat ,as if in a take-off !
n yea...stored mssgs arelike a timeline that u can go through whenever u want, and actually see what crap u used to get into ;)

Esther said...

When I drive, its a bad idea to take dad along. No please. Dad instructs: Dada- go slow

Me- mute

Dada- hey wait there's a speed breaker

Me - Ahaaan (lazily)

Dada - hey watch out that guy is overtaking us.

Me - wow thats gotta be fun.

Dada - What? (looks at me angrily)

Me - blank

Dada - hey what you doing go slowwwwwwww!!!!

all silence...

Me- I just overtook the car ahead so that the geek behind doesn't overtake us.

Dada- stop the car and let me drive

me - We've reached.


Lol!!! ahahaha!

This could have been one heck of a post if i posted it! eh? err. Anyway.

Nice one. I always love the window seat! If i'm going with mom and dad I don't forget to carry my Mp3 player. =D =D

guncha said...

u r sooo rite abt the msgs!!! althou i shudder to think wat i would do wen this day comes to moi!!! will prob copy them smwhr!! hehe....dun feel like deleting a "whats up" also.....

mohit said...

@ esther
hahaha... that's such a familiar dialogue ;)

@ guncha
even a whats up? really?