Thursday, January 29, 2009

The ideal convo.

So hey, did I ever tell you about my school?  Well, first of all its supposedly holy .. hehe, you heard me...we've got meditation and everything( although the friday morning sessions were probably detested by everyone!). It was founded on 23-4-56 . cool date, huh? let's see your school's match that ( lame competiton, but that's all I have to offer abhi) . 
umm.. well this isnt really to give u a description of the school, rather of the annual school re-unions. Its actually a really smart thing that the school's alumni ( aka mother's blossoms , eyes rolling) have established...or maybe the school has, not sure. Anyhow, the reunion's held every year on 26th of january, which, in god's own country is a national holiday! A nice excuse to catch up with old friends, cuz no one can use the 'ive got work' alibi ... well, almost no one.

Yeah, I met up with a couple of schoolmates this time, n it ws nice. As was really expected of me, at the SDA barista.btw, I think i did myself justice by joining the 'I've spent half my life at Barista' group on facebook.Coffee house chatter's something i do pretty often do a lot of other ppl i'm guessing, well atleast the ones i'm regular with ;)
Like I said earlier, moods rule me... and i was pretty chatty . A really interesting topic that came up, one that ive thought about earlier too, was how cool it would be to have a twin!!
totally yar, think about it...  there are so many advantages to having a twin... for starters, you have a companion all the time ( of course, that wouldnt be the case if you guys turn out to be arch enemies) , always have an alibi, perhaps a friend who'd be loyal, anyplace you go u'd always be a predefined team. I'm sure you can think about other 'advantages' .
But you know what the sad part would be...  if you and your twin don't get along...that would really suck!  If i had had a twin ( no offence to u, bro) i would definitely wanna get along ;) 
In case any of you begs to differ... i'm listening.

There's another thing that ive noticed...well known actually....  I have this wierd tendency to crack pjs ... and i also have an uncanny ability to find humour in the dumbest of other ppl's pjs!  
and no matter how much ive tried to avoid it... its who i am... and ive stopped trying to fight it now ( eeek!) ....hahaha, hey now c'mon...its not soo bad is it?   
well, this is one that came up while alex and I were talking about our laptops..which are both HHP( to avoid being legally sued, i'll use the wrong initials, no srly!), coincidentally.  As i also said to my school friends.. ppl tend to form an opinion about brands that show faults in their notice.... and the laptops,both alex's n mine have shown similar behaviour..the battery gave way after a year! So (and this is totally personal opinion) we've decided that HHP sucks! 
Now attention... in our conversation, alex n I came up with this ...umm...hypothetical situation that would be every guy's dream come true,really guys its the three words that we're dying to hear... and girls, please take it in good,clean humour ( for once!)
The Ideal Conversation.
MAN: "Hi, how are you?"

Woman: "fine, thanks. and you?"

MAN: "not so great, my laptop broke down .HHP sucks!"


The rest is history .

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