Monday, December 8, 2008


[drum roll] .........
[running onto the stage]...
"Hulloooo all you lovely people ... a very good evening to all . Doing well, i aah, not a problem, cuz THIS right here is your dose of .....[sound fading away]
aaaah, ive never really said that on stage u know, and somehow I really feel like doing it now!
the times I've been a compere were mostly judged ones... so generally it'd be "good evening bla bla bla..judges"  ... crap.
and i dont even know if there'll be a next time cuz college ended :(   ... mebbe sumwhere, sumtime...

"Aight" so here's the deal...  ive been doing nothing with myself... u heard me right, nothing!!
yeah sure, i'm learning java, I go to the gym(refer to previous entry) ...but that's just 4 freakin hours a day!  and to top it all, i've decided to watch 1 movie a day(some1 has to watch em, right, the poor ppl spend so much money on making em...might as well help out someone )
n the worst part is... i love it!
yup... i'm loving the chilling out feel ....there's this ..umm...tinge, to getting to know yourself better like this..i dunno, u wont understand probly, n i dont expect u to either.
but who cares, i'm having fun! 

however, there's a huuge downside to being idle...  see, when ur working, the only time you get to spend your dough is weekends.  However, when everyday's a weekend, then you have a problem! I definitely feel I'm bad with managing my money......  there it is guys, I said it aloud. 
I can't help it but, I love to spend !
but hey, everyone's allowed to have 1 weakness, right?  ;)
cheers to that!

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