Tuesday, November 4, 2008

abstract emotion.

One of the most unstable substances in the world , i feel, is human emotion....  it has no defined boundaries, nor does it have a set pattern of reaction to stimulus...  yes, we do classify psychology as study of the human mind and try to categorize emotions... but then again, can it really be done?
I personally don't think so... the fact remains that emotions can run wild, and be as tame as a pet, all at one time....  even with a single person, even though reactions are sometimes recurrant, emotions however are a definite variable.

why? is what i'd like to ask... why is it that we feel and emote in the way we do? would it have made things easier and life more defined if emotions,in their known form, were absent? not really is the answer that comes out...far from making our lives more defined, a lack of emotion would have made it confined instead.... like those of ants ...of course, it just may be that their emotions are plainly different from ours....  un-understandable...  like another metric system ;)

But yes, as someone put it, the mere existance of emotions and our capability to feel them is both, a boon and a bane . Why, this is what makes us who we are, doesn't it? Yup... to the unfamiliar eye, we are what our outer appearance tells them....  but when we develop personal familiarity, its how we emote ( to a great extent) that defines us.

Emotions are a different element, totally in their own league. They just cannot be defined... nor can they be accurately predicted ( what can be predicted is a reaction, not an emotion ) . That's what sets them apart...that's what fuels the intellectual evolution of our race .... that's what makes us... HUMAN.

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