Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And all that Jazz !

Hope all you guys had an amaaazing Diwali !!!!!

First, I have a confession to make .... I was a hypocrite this Diwali... for so many years now, ive been religiously following the "No crackers" campaign ... trying to do my part in protecting our environment.... but in a "moment of weakness" i shamefully admit that i did crackers this time ( head hanging down ) ... hey, stop grinning, #@$ ... it takes guts to admit your mistakes, remember !! when was the last time you publically confessed that you are a huuge fan of The Spicegirls ? yea, I just know...

So.....I decided to finally sit down and write... finally ... the diwali spirit was really not letting me do that! Although, i have to admit this Diwali really was great... for a host of intermingled reasons..
For starters, last year's "tensions" aren't that prevelant... time really does heal ;) ... apart from that, ive been out of town for work for the last couple of weeks... so i was just happy to be home !! and the other 2 reasons are because of 25th october, '08

25th october ???????  Isnt that what you'd think? its amazing how most of ur days go by without much happening, on the edge of being called drab even...and when things actually start to stir, everything seems to happen at once! ever felt that?
ok,so 25th.. the day was a definite biggie for me cuz it brought along two big "jhatkas", well in the good sense.... both professionally and personally...
Professionally, i got a call from my boss and he told me ive been promoted from my contract to a permanent company payroll ... and that after people had given me the impression that you're lucky if that happens even after 6 months of your contract... n ive been here for just two ! ( siiiiigh, i really am modest )
Personally... "ykt" ( u gotta know who that is, if u know me that well) called... out of the blue! how wierd is that? people just mushroom up when u stop expecting them to.... nehow, yes, i was pleased with the call, no doubt.... but skepticism was definitely on the fore ...
cuz oddly, after so long, i found myself with a dearth of grief inside....
but yes, i'm worried about where ykt is right now... i really am.... its like ur in a metro, u don't know anyone, u dont have a cellphone and i dont know if ur safe. and thats scary, from a humanitarian point of view...
i'm also kind of fed-up now... ykt, how long do u expect me to care? cuz ive made up my mind that there are only TWO explanations....
1) you're the queen of tragedies...literally...all the bad in the world affects you, and you only...and that's just really sad, if its right.
2) You're actually a SADIST.

Moving on to other things...
I'll tell you about ..ummmmm, lets call her Kim ... hahaha, ure gonna love the nic , "Kim" :P ..... so Kim n I have been talking a lot lately, and i thought i should mention her.... the nice part is that she's among the people who bring out my loquacious side...and that's just fun!
Ok, now kim has 2 really bugging habits... first that she calls everyone "bhaiya" which makes me feel OLD second, she uses the word " jazz" a lot .... seriously , its funny! the usage of jazz, however, is highly subjective to personal whims ... it can be used as a substitute for a whole lot of words ... Let me illustrate :
Cool :                   " That guy's jazz "
Hot:                     " Woah,  jazzy..."
Happening :         " Jazz place"
Fun :                    " Let's talk about sumthing jazzy "
Fracas:                " That's some jazz we've got here"

hahaha... cute, isn't it ? Absolutely...JAZZY..or sumthing like that ! 

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waqt sab ko badal deta hai mare yaar..........................................................he he he he he he he he he he