Thursday, October 9, 2008


true, wierd title for the post. but it kinda explains my whereabouts this past month... ive been an absentee!! yup, ive been missing out on a lot of things i was getting really used to... blogging, for instance . also lying around aimlessly , and general vella-panti ... sigh, those were the days..

its a problem thats gripped this year's engineering passouts gravely. the friggin software companies are simply not letting us in!!! consider my case. i got a campus placement with wipro and got a joining date of march '09 . wow... what exactly is it that we're supposed to do all this while? its a similar case with most of the major software firms...
there was an article in the paper today that stated students believe this postponed joining to be because of the global economy slump, but the software firms have attributed it to the large number of recruits that they're supposed to accomodate. so its just taking sum time. thats the reason why the programming section of my brain is still in suspended construction ;)

anywho... like ive been telling a lot of people, after lazing around for almost 3 months ( possibly the best ever ?!! ) i sadly decided to get off my ass and do something.. and thats how ive landed up working in this other firm. and believe you me, its a tough job... i mean, ive been regularly working the night shift, 13 hours a day for the past month, even on weekends!! to the extent that there's a part of me that actually misses the lazy mohit...
scene 1: wake up in the morning, read the paper till lunch , watch TV or read a book till the evening, go out, return for dinner, turn on the lappy and log on till i'd fall asleep
scene 2 : wake up at 6.30 in the eve, get ready n have dinner, go to work, come back to the hotel at 10 in the morning, bathe n have breakfast, sleep till 6.30 . n voila, we have scene 2 all over again.

but then again, the 13 hours that i'm working, i actually get absorbed totally... its like dope u know, work i mean.... work is like dope... it gets you high once it dissolves in ur bloodstream, and then all u think about is the dope ( which in this case is the work)
naaice.. so we've reached another of those 'moral of the story' ... work is like dope .... thinking more along the line,u know ur screwed when the billboard in ur mind lights up saying " dope is like work " ...cuz that would just squeeze all the fun out .

chalo then... till next time .... "up up and awaaaayyyyyy " .... (cape fluttering in the wind )

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guncha said...

ooh....sm1s high on 13 hours a day of dope??...oops!! they paying u by the hour or smthin like that....for ur dope....oopsssss AGAIN !!!!!!!! i mean work.......or maybe i

maybe theyre paying u work for ur dope......ooooooppppppppssss........ got it wrong AGAIN........dope 4 ur work!!!!! is that it my friend?????