Tuesday, September 9, 2008


yea.... so finally got off my ass and started working...
sumthing really ticked me off today... it seems that we ( as countrymen ) are so used to being corrupt that any other way appears baffling....
i took sum xeroxes for the office and asked the guy to make a receipt.... the guy ws charging me 60p a copy, and he asks me " sir, 1 rupiya copy ke hisab se banau naa? "
and wen i refused, he looks up and gives me this puzzled expresion, as if almost saying " wtf man, r u fuckn stupid?? "
so sad that along with being lactose intolerant, we're prolly also honesty-intolerant... if there's no other euphemism for it..
in a hurry... just really wanted to write this..

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