Sunday, April 3, 2011


I know its been a long time since I wrote, yet again, but there's so much happening that I just had to get back here.

However, I'm not as comfortable with this blog as I used to be..... too many unwanted readers make me cautious and conscious about what I write.

Vague is not what I want to be anymore. I'm starting afresh. I no longer justify the title of this blog. What I need is to write my heart out, without worrying about the reaction or judgement. I'm sick of cribbing and making it seem like everything sucks. It doesn't.I don't want to be politically correct anymore. Its my blog, this is what I do here...speak out.

No can do. I want out.

I do miss being a part of a lot of your blogs and vice I'll be personally giving out the new URL to you.(You know who you are, don't you) (too many 'you's !)

Take care....loved having you here :D



suruchi said...


Banupriya said...

Wishing you peace in your new blog!!

Choco said...

I completely understand...
And did I earn a URL to your new space in the cyber sky? :|

Zeba said...

Okay. So I am still waiting for the URL. Just so you know.