Sunday, April 12, 2009

The incompetent camera's efforts at redemption.

I like clicking pictures.

To the innocent, this seems like a harmless sentence.... " So, u like clicking pictures... cool, grab a camera, CLICK! "
For the "worldly-wise" , this simple sentence metamorphoses into a cluster of counter- inquisitions:

- why?
- hmm, what kind of pictures? (some morons might even have a smirk by this time)
-You got a camera? What kind is it?
-Does it earn you any money? (if yes, they might wanna buy a camera too...thats the next question)

- Will you click mine? ---on clicking---oh, show me show me!

Anyhow, I'm not keen on answering any of the above....
Here's some random stuff that I clicked :

aah.... wilderness in the city.
(A hint of exaggeration? )

This is a temple in the city of jalandhar in Punjab... its called the 'devi talab' for obvious reasons.

Purple. Love it!!! I noticed the single ray of light visible on the petal in the picture. woohoo! My first captured solar ray :P

I like to think of this as rising above boundaries.
Then again, its just a tree and a fence.
Personal perspective.

Defines Delhi in so many ways.
The greenery, the flyover, the broad road, the litter.


Rajesh said...

Not bad, good attempt

Anonymous said...

:) Those are the exact statements people bug you with when u have a camera. You were spot on!

And nice snaps. Wilderness in the city with that lizzie staring at the tire was my fav!

mohit said...

@ rajesh... thanks man!

@choco... i guess the bugging type are the same everywhere!!
glad u liked em :D