Monday, March 2, 2009

the hip hop ride and the one liner

One of the things I like about Delhi are drives late in the night.... the city looks so inviting when the pot-holed roads are seemingly empty... the yellow street lights appear almost occult against the greyish background of the sky.... and what makes the entire experience even more surreal is if you ditch the car and hop onto what I like to call a "hip hop auto" .... Its not your regular auto-rikshaw... rather, the driver is a lively young bloke who has an ear for blaring loud music... so there's a woofer system installed in there... unfortunately, most of the time you'll get cought in the Himesh brand of music... although, if you can manage to squeeze the monotony of it out of your head, just enjoy the beats and take in the cool night air!

Over the years, I've noticed that lady luck (if you believe in her) seems to have a set pattern of behaviour towards a particular person for extended periods of time. If its good, then nice things happen continuously for a while and vice versa. Although, one would argue that people strive hard to achieve goals... so then should they not try at all if they're having a rough patch with lady luck? Not really... do try... but u gotta remember, if luck's on your side, the results appear sooner...and u can't deny that.

In my case, the 'clumsy' side of lady luck's temperament seems to have a liking for me every now and then.I'm extremely prone to 'screwing up' (quote Obama) when least expected. One particular aspect of my 'speciality' comes out when in contact with other people's sunglasses (thank god they're not mine !) .
This happened in the first year of college when I was checking out a classmate's shades... two or three other people checked 'em out too...but when I tried them on, they broke in half! (yup, inferior quality :P)... and what I said that moment has eversince become iconic in my friend circle.. "ab kya karun?" (roughly translated as "what do I do now?") and I don't know if it was the way I said it, or my expression, but everyone around me burst out laughing!
A similar thing happened a week ago at Shaun's place... Shaun, Alex and I had partied well that night (which is just another way of saying how drunk we were)... just when everything's been fine,just when you start having fun at the party, does it ever happen with you that an innane mistake (often unintended) spoils your evening?

That's what happens with me, mostly. There's rarely a 'morning-after' that I wake up and think about what SHOULDN'T have happened.

So as I was saying,both of them had gone off to sleep, and I decided to mess around with Shaun's computer... I was sitting there, and I moved my feet slightly, when my foot hit the extremely wobbly computer table ... and Shaun's ray-bans fell to the ground. 'CRACK' ... the left lens came off completely... and I couldn't help but say to myself "ab kya karun?"
It wasn't my fault Shaun... Alex had kept them on the CPU in the first place... how was I supposed to know???
When I told my friends what had happened, they couldn't help but recall my one liner ... "ab kya karun?"


Pixie said...

Night time rides - be it bike, car or auto are always fun

The Seeker said...

yeah!!! Night ... every city/town has its uniqueness when it comes to its night and the night life. I love travelling in the govt bus at nights... esp the highways... There's something magical about nights....

Lovely post!!! I just imagined you with the expression. and you're more like me.... much prone to accidents... good lcuk!!!!

don worry!!!!

Anonymous said...

:)..was so tired if the cliche people give about how much they love long drives (not tht I have anything against it). But it was surely refreshing to see you write about a drive in an auto!

Hard luck with the glasses, though now all ur friends are warned ;)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading ur post. Breaking people's glasses does'nt seem so bad as compared to my husband's penchant for breaking - "chairs".Whenever his office needs to buy new chairs he is sent to do a reccee to ensure a sturdy chair. you can very well imagine my anxiety when we went to buy a chair for my daughter. Hubby dear was like a child in a candy store. He wanted to sit on all the chairs and each time he did that my heart missed a beat. That's that.