Saturday, March 7, 2009

The chariot of thought

Hey again. reeeally loved the comments on the last 2 posts ,which I wrote on the same day, btw...just one of those 'idea-centric' days, which I'm sure all of you have too!
So thanks for that...the comments make me smile :D

I'm currently reading 'shalimar the clown' by Salman Rushdie.... now, I'm not sure how many of you have read his works...but doesn't he ALWAYS have a sexually subversive overtone (not complaining !) to his stories? I don't mean to sound judgemental Mr. Rushdie...firstly, I'm not in a position to be a critic of your works and secondly, uve probly not even read this and there's a really slim chance that u will ever do... so that really is what I think !

So anyway, there's an idea presented at a point in that book... and I decided to write something on similar lines. Here goes:
Did you ever think of why our deepest and most involving, not to mention absorbing thoughts come to us at NIGHT, when we're lying down in our bed, waiting for sleep to take over? Well, mine do, at least.... I've asked myself the most perplexing of questions at these times... who am I? What have I achieved till now? Why am I here anyway? Why do I do the things the way I do, and say the things that I say? Will I ever have six pack abs? (yes, I was sober at the time, unlike what u may be inclined to believe!)

And I thought about why night times are such captivating zones, why does the chariot of my imagination move freely across the verdant nightly world of thought? Why does my soliloquy stage mostly when I'm about to doze off?

My reasoning is (and I agree with the book) that at night, when the day's work is done, when we're through with heaving those humongous baggages of routine, the mind takes the reins from the body, and the aforementioned chariot of thought runs wild. So yeah, what you ultimately have is a pretty free-willed, adventurous , often drunk-at-night, on-the-rampage driver in control of the horse-power and behold, in come the myriad variety of all of your hidden dreams, desires, and feelings, emanating from both external and internal stimuli. Because we don't have puny stuff such as living, earning, working,studying etc.etc. on the mind at sleep-time, it appears as if our thought chariot has delinked itself from its innumerable bogies, and it gains velocity, hypothetically lightened.

So there you have it... another thought taken apart in the effort of being analysed.What say?Of course, the mind also does gain temporary control over the chariot in the day too, and we've termed it "daydreaming".

So hey, keep at it... its not like anyone's complaining, right? Besides, if we don't let the mind wander about freely, the world's surely going down on the scale of exciting places to be in !

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