Friday, January 7, 2011

Random updates from a lost blogger

Hey guys.... been a long time, again. There are absolutely soo many things I wanna write about, that its not funny !!

For starters, a Happy New Year to all !! I wish that you see the light this year :)

Part 1

So lets rewind a bit and start from November. I did something that i've wanted to do for sooooo long....I bought an iPhone 4 !!
:D :D
You won't believe, when I bought it, I was happier than the time I got my first gf ! I couldnt wait to check it out, explore its features, touch it .....does seem intimate, doesnt it?
I was grinning the entire way home..... !!

but every positive has a negative.... buying the iPhone affected my health in a negative you might ask.....
well, I would wake up every morning as usual, but not go to the gym and play with the phone !
my flatmates have started referring to it as Mrs. Luthur ....and honestly, I did too :P

Part 2

Then came december, and I finallyyy did another thing that I'd wanted...I got a tattoo ! Most of you dont know this, but I'd selected the design waaay back in the stone age, when orkut was as popular as facebook is now...... Its a phoenix, and I kinda have an emotional connection to the design.... I like to think that I follow the 'way of the phoenix' :P
Do this... if you wanna check it out, come to my facebook page...its the dp (for now)

Part 3

I went home !!!!!
I took a leave of like 12 days in the last week of dec and flew back to gurgaon.....after a whole bloody year !
and you know what I realized? it sucks that I'm here so far away !!
But yeah, that might also be the holiday mood that's still not let go of me ;)

Part 4

My resolution for 2010, to be a teetotaler turned out to be a success...... I did it ! And exactly after 12, I had my first shot ...after a year !
To top it, the person I had it with is also pretty awesome, so all the more reason to wooohooo!!

Honestly, people could read this this and, that must have taken some will to complete..... but I don't really think so....the real hard thing is quitting smoking .... and since I know someone who's trying and can't be there to personally help out, I hope the best for her !!

Part 5

Then again, there's things that aren't meant to be on a blog..right now... relationships to be exact.... but there's some confusion right now, and I hope I can work it out

that's today's you know how bored I am at work ;)

Love you guys


Banupriya said...

lol -- "I was happier than the time I got my first gf" Happy new year Mohit.. Have great fun around !

mohit said...

thank u !!

hope you're doing good :D

suruchi said...

Wow Mohit...
Only you can do this...
Disappear for ages n then come n give a peek a boo
N whoosh again!

But Mrs Luther, eh?
Congrats on the is super symbolic n can’t think of something more manly-you than that!*there go the prospect of Mrs. Luther;-)*

We would have so liked to know though, the post first shot ecstatic feeling...was it?
Hope the confusions resolve soon...wish u all the love, peace, contentment n joys in 2011 n ever more:-)

mohit said...

Suruchi.... I think I'm always going to LOVE ur comments

ur looking great in ur dp btw