Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here's the deal with God

'Me' is an extremely dynamic word. Its true, because I am.
More so, my thoughts are. I've seen it so many times, there's some sort of a predictive uncertainty in me and what I want.

I used to be a person afraid of my past. I'm not any longer. There are events in the past that we would like to forget, or not think about.....but it doesn't work that way.
I was reading another blog post, which hinted that the present (and the future) are built on the past. I agree.

Heck, if it wasnt for the past, we wouldnt have been ourselves today (good or bad, doesnt matter here)
If I hadn't got into biology in school, I wouldnt have met some of my best friends today !

So like I said once, I have a customized belief in God.
I do not think God has a form. I do not think he intended us to worship. I do not think he wanted religions to exist and demolish our society.
There probably is someone up there, but its a shapeless, limitless source of energy.
I don't think destiny was meant to be what we take it as. Perhaps this 'God' wound a key into this world and let events happen by themselves (was that key the big bang? I don't know)
Yeah, I really don't mind people following their own form of 'divinity', but what sucks is that the water goes over our heads so many damn times !

Perhaps humanity just needs the thread of belief to hang onto.....but I would rather hang onto Faith and Love.

PS: No offence to anyone, this is personal opinion.


Shelly said...

Jo socha, theek socha.
Jo likha, wo bhi theek.

Ish- Aankh moond mil lo.
Ish- khamosh rah batiya lo.

Ish- sansaar ke kisi kone mein nahin.
Ish- dil mein rooh mein.

Very well written Mohit!

mohit said...

Thanks !

mohit said...

btw...i like your blog's name

Madhu said...

ive been missing [u know why!] uve been no apologies there.I just left a post on my page saying ill get back soon..:)

Ur update was heading my dashboard.Could not miss it.

i have the same feeling about god.When the whole world is running behind giving god, a name and a just an existing power..a power better left off unexplained..:) :)

mohit said...

Madhu !

I'm so happy for you :D

Glad you stopped by...hope the preparations are going great !

Mind Writer! said...

I have exactly the same belief towards God. I think religion is man made, just to give a shape to what they call, God/unknown controller/superpower. I also believe that everything has its own place. Sooner or later, things fall into places. So what happened in the past, what's happening now or whatever will happen in future has always been a part of plan!

suruchi said...

super cool though you peeped into my beliefs and reflected them here...
and I thought I was the only one with customized faith...

i so applaud the line when you say that god does not want us to worship him...i mean he's GOD..n hence ain't he beyond that ego boost of wanting worshippers n followers?

super like post Mohit:-)